Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dinner? - A poem about a Fly by Milou

Dear Ms. Spider....

I cannot come and dine tonight
You see, I don't have very good sight
Along with that I cannot choose
Which shoes and clothes that I should use
That's not all, I have a cold
And all my bones feel cranky and old

So you see it's not the day
Why don't we dine on Saturday?

Sincerely replied,
The Fly

The Snake - Snake Poem by Milou

Its scales reflect the evilness
Black, empty eyes do not confess
Its hiss is ironing my foot
I can’t move, I stuck, like a root

This snake that I’m describing now
Is slithering to me, and makes me frown
This time I know it, my death is near
And down my spine go goose bumps of fear

But when I look a bit closer at it
I note, it’s actually a snake of plastic

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ICY QUESTION - animal poem by Milou

I live in an Icy place
Look like a butler from Elisabeth her grace
I swim and slide I march and glide
When I walk I leave a duck feet trace
What am I?

What am I? - animal poem

Swimming, slipping, sliding,
What am I describing?
A little bird
Of whom you’ve heard
Who also loves fish and diving