Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day One - Start of Poetry Kids

Hallo everybody!

Today I will start my own blog! POETRY KIDS ! I love it very much to write poems and I am reading a lot. I will post my poems here and I would like to read other poems from all you kids around the world here on this blog.Please post your poems on poetry kids.

Have a great day!

Love, Milou


Marinela said...

Nice poems!

Marinela said...

Hello Milou
Your poetry is always great!

Between the line

I have beautiful ideas
But it’s not easy to let them free
Anyway I have the talent of writing poems
So it’s not that hard for me.

But sometimes my ideas don’t come out
It’s like there are bars around my skull
And then the poem I write
Comes out really dull.

My inspiration sometimes comes out magically
With the colours of the rainbow
This is because I am inspired quickly
And my ideas smoothly flow.

They come like falling hailstones
And I try to put them on paper, before they reach the ground
I always look around for something inspiring
And this is how my ideas are found.

I know this may sound easy
Well it is not, not sometimes
The ideas are not always there in front of me
I have to look for them between the lines