Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tree Tops

At the top of a tree
You can go on a spree
For there is room for at least 69

You have fun way up there
For a such place is rare
You might never find a place so fine

It's like the Queen's palace
(you'll never keep balance)
You can see everything from up there

Oh I love this place
Fit for the majesty her grace
Though it's only worth something for birds


Anonymous said...

It is great frm Gaby

kleine eva said...

ich kann ja nicht mal chinesisch, aber deine bilder gucken das geht doch gut. schön hast du es hier.

es grüßt,
kleine eva

hubschrauber said...

There was a young lady of Riga
Who rode with a smile on a tiger.
They turned from the ride
With the lady inside
And the smile on the face of the tiger.

And another one

There was an old man of Peru
Who dreamt he was eating his shoe
He awoke in the night
With a terrible fright
An found it was perfectly true.


hubschrauber said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you where you can find my CV if you' like to read.