Thursday, February 21, 2008


Imagine if Easter would last forever
You’d eat candy and chocolate everyday
And have Easter hunts, and be very clever
About where to hide your Easter prey

You’d be getting presents and toys
Eat millions of caramel ‘n’ cakes
You’d be filled with happiness and joy
When your parents start to bake

So Easter would rule forever
Pouring with billions of treats
Eat them like a beaver
And take care where you put your seat!

But after a while it gets boring and dull
The hiding, the finding, the partying and eating
So you’d get bored and so dreadfully full
That you’d look like a fat sheep bleating

So avoid the unpleasant
Still be happy today
That in all 12 months present
There is only ONE Easter day

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Meghna said...

Hi Milou,
I agree, everyday if it was Easter after soemtime we'd get really bored...and we'd also become ill after eating so may candies and easter eggs! :D

Jhonatan E. Primón said...

Hi!, I live in Argentina too! Pero prefiero escribirte en mi idioma, jeje. Muy buen blog. Me gusta!

poetry4kids said...

Hi there,

Thanks for your kind comments.

Have a great weekend,

Brandi Magill said...

This is are only 9? You go girl! My daughter wants me to start a blog for her too, thanks for inspiring me to do so:~)

aduucnfood said...

great are only 9?really?